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Vision and Values


We believe….

that every child is unique, with unique gifts and abilities. Our role is not merely to promote the individual learning of the child but also to draw out all his/her unique gifts and to see that each child is valued for his or her particular contribution. 

At the very heart of what we believe as a school is a commitment to the development of the whole child, which includes emotional, intellectual, aesthetic, moral, physical, social and spiritual qualities and sees every child developing in their own unique way at their own pace. 

We intend…

that every child that comes to Crawley Ridge Infant School should have the very best possible start to the formal educational process, and we seek to give them everything needed to develop the skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes which will equip them for the whole of their journey through a lifetime of learning.

Great emphasis is placed on learning.  There are happy schools and there are hard- working schools, but we believe absolutely that we can be both a happy and a hard- working school – a place where the whole child is developed socially and intellectually, whilst being empowered to achieve the highest possible results and standards. 

We want…

this school to be a place where dreams can become a reality, where no ceilings are placed on what can be expected of anyone and where every member of the school community, of every age, is encouraged to see the sky as the limit.  We want every child who comes here to be happy, inspired, enthused and challenged.

We want our school to be a place with a buzz, where there is energy and a spirit of curiosity, a place where people are able to make mistakes and take risks; where every individual is equally valued as a person in his or her own right, and where each learns to value and respect others for who they are as members of this community. ‘Others First’ is an important motto for our school, which every child learns to appreciate.

We aim…

that as one team – staff, pupils, parents, governors alike – we will work hard with happy, cheerful, enthusiastic determination to succeed and achieve the stated aim of the school which is:   

To release and develop the full intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential of every individual child at the start of a journey that they will continue for the rest of their lives, seeing that each child achieves the maximum that he or she is capable of as a unique person. Ordinary people achieving extraordinary things together.