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Our School Motto

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At Crawley Ridge Infant School, both children and staff work towards a motto of we are 'Ready, Respectful and Safe'. 

This motto is reinforced daily in classrooms, in all assemblies and through conversation with all children so that everyone is aware of the school's expectations. 


All staff are ready to teach all children, regardless of their needs and academic ability. We are ready to be an inclusive school that works for all children; using all available resources to us including our wide-open spaces and specific intervention groups. Staff are ready to work with all families to support their needs and give all children the best possible start in life. 

Children are ready to learn. They show that they are actively listening and engaged. They are ready to ask and answer questions; improving their vocabulary, knowledge and understanding. Children are ready to participate and demonstrate their skills. 

Families are ready to make sure children attend school every day on time. Children are equipped with the necessary resources they need to thrive including books/book bags, signed reading diaries and full school uniform. Parents and carers attend meetings/workshops and read communications between the school and home, through ParentMail and Newsletters. 


All staff are respectful of children's different needs, cultures, religions and family dynamics. They respectfully consider parents' thoughts and ideas; keeping the child's well-being at the heart of all conversations. Colleagues respect one another and work as a team towards a common goal - empowering and supporting each other. 

Children show respect, tolerance and empathy towards their peers, not just in their classroom, but throughout the whole school. They consider their surroundings and ensure that they do not disrupt or interfere with the learning of others. They respect all adults working in the school; following instructions, rules and routines and listening when required. 

Families respect all staff, other families and all children in the school. They bring their concerns directly to the school. Parents and carers understand that all children are different and require different levels of support.


All staff follow rigorous safeguarding routines and procedures to ensure all children at school are safe. Designated safeguarding leads work with external agencies to improve safety outside of school, including at home. Staff teach children how to stay safe at school, at home and online. The school ensures all parents/carers know how to keep their children safe at home when online, through workshops and guidance. Leaders make sure the school has ample first-aiders, ELSA support and positive touch training, to meet the needs of all learners. 

Children listen and actively take part during PSHE lessons and assemblies. They follow the school rules and routines, remembering to keep their hands to themselves and use kind words. Children know how to seek help and support from any adult in the school; articulating their worries and concerns. They look out for the safety of not just themselves, but others too. 

Families seek support from the school as needed. They are transparent and share information with the school when appropriate. Parents/carers make sure children are supervised at home when using online devices. They attend workshops and follow guidance offered by the school. They arrive and depart the school site safely, whilst considering our neighbours; when parking and communicating outside the school grounds.