Year 2 Content

Personal, Social and Health Education

The content of the curriculum will enable the following outcomes:

At the end of Year 2 most children should

  • name a range of feelings and be able to talk about them
  • begin to know what to do in response to some feelings and begin to recognise what makes them feel a certain way
  • think about what they are good at, explain it to others, and think about how to make improvements
  • talk about things that are important to them, saying why
  • be able to set simple targets or goals, and know when and how they are being met
  • be able to make and give reasons for healthy choices
  • understand and explain that some things like medicines, cleaning products and crossing the road can be harmful. 
  • understand different ways to keep clean and the importance of doing so
  • understand positive and negative behaviours and differentiate between those that are wrong and those that are right
  • know what upsets people and begin to understand reasons why
  • be able to make choices and think about the consequences of their actions
  • know when to say sorry and show they are sorry
  • make friends and play with others
  • share and help others to work together
  • explain some of the ways to care for other people
  • know when  something feels wrong, be able to tell someone to stop and begin to explain why 
  • be able to tell an adult they can trust when something feels wrong or unsafe
  • explain some of the ways that they are similar or different to other people
  • be able to take part in discussions and listen to others 
  • understand how rules help people to get along and be able to keep simple rules