Schol Uniform

We have an attractive uniform which our parents are keen to provide for their children.

We believe that a uniform gives each child a sense of belonging so they feel part of the school. Please click here to read our School Uniform Policy.

Our uniform

  • is practical for young children
  • is easy to put on and remove! (important for independence)
  • gives options within the uniform code – ie girls may wear trousers or skirts
  • is easy to purchase locally/on-line
  • distinguishes us as a school in the neighbourhood

Please see the attachment below for our uniform list and stockist details.

Please ensure all clothing and footwear is clearly marked with your child's name. Coats and sweatshirts need an easy-to-use hanging loop.


We ask parents not to allow their child to wear accessories such as jewellery, nail varnish, transfers etc in school. Accessories are a distraction in the learning environment and can cause a hazard. No child may take part in PE wearing jewellery. If a child has pierced earrings they must be able to remove these items themselves as staff are not permitted to do this.

Long hair should be tied back appropriately with a simple hair band or an elasticated hair-tie.

Nearly New Uniform

The PTA holds a selection of Nearly New Uniform.
An order form is available from the school office. 

  1. Uniform policy Feb 2019