'Teachers can stimulate curiosity by asking questions themselves, and by responding with warmth and enthusiasm to children's inquiries.'  Trawick-Smith

At Crawley Ridge Infant School we believe it is important to nurture and encourage the children's natural curiosity about the world. We take an enthusiastic approach to learning through practical investigation and enquiry.

During KS1 the children develop the key skills of a young scientist. They gain the confidence to ask questions and to suggest ways of finding answers. They learn to observe closely, carry out investigations, record and interpret results, and draw simple conclusions. The children are also encouraged to suggest ideas for further study and to make use of secondary sources.

The children often work  collaboratively in pairs or  as part of a small group. This promotes discussion and the use of scientific language. They are taught to listen respectfully to the ideas of others whilst recognising that questions can be answered in different ways. The children learn to share their work and to communicate their scientific findings verbally, through displays, and during class presentations.