Religious Education


Our Religious Education programme follows the Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education in Surrey. Children learn about religions by developing knowledge and understanding. They also learn from religions by exploring, reflecting on and responding to religious beliefs, values and experiences. Three religions are specified for Key Stage 1: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Children have the opportunity to handle artefacts and ask questions as well as learn through other ‘thought provoking’ topics such as ‘Is the World a fair place?’ and ‘Why should we look after our world?’

A daily assembly is held in school and includes Collective Worship. Our act of Collective Worship is broadly Christian and is designed to be relevant, interesting and inspiring and engage a response from the children. We use prayer and reflection, songs and music, drama and stories and other stimuli to promote a sense of awe and wonder, giving opportunities for children to appreciate the spiritual dimension and express themselves spiritually.

If any parent has a concern about this subject they are encouraged to discuss this matter with the Headteacher, particularly if they are considering withdrawing their child from religious activity. Children withdrawn from RE will be accommodated in another class. Children withdrawn from Collective Worship will be given appropriate independent activities and will be supervised.