Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education is a key part of the daily life of the school and is promoted by the strong vision and underlying values that permeate all that we do together. School staff model positive attitudes, behaviour and relationships, reflecting our vision and providing positive role models for the children. ‘Others first’ is a key part of our school vision and we aim to demonstrate and teach this in all that we do.

Much of our work in this subject is in response to issues and situations as they arise with individuals, classes and the whole school. However, we also believe that PSHE should be taught as part of the curriculum through assemblies, weekly class lessons, visiting speakers and opportunities in other subject areas. Sex education is discussed in the context of family life, loving and caring relationships and respect for others.

We actively promote British Values - Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. These values are taught explicitly through PSHE and RE, but are also met by delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Democracy - The election of the school council by pupil vote. This provides an active voice on behalf of pupils, and teaches the children the importance of valuing the opinions of others. Where appropriate, we explore elections in the wider community, such as following general elections and campaigning and taking part in the national bird vote.

Rule of Law - The school has an a set of rules which are displayed and children are taught how the rules create a fair environment. They discuss and agree to follow the rules, knowing that they help to promote safety, personal responsibility and mutual respect. 

Individual Liberty - We aim to provide opportunites to explore the wider world and gain new experiences, so that children can make informed choices. PSHE topics include E-safety, Keeping safe beyond the school gates, Relationships and Sex.

Mutual Respect - Throughout the curriculum, children are encouraged to share their ideas and viewpoints. These are received openly and all children are expected to be courteous towards each other. For example in PE, children comment positively and constructively on each other's performance.

Tolerance - We embrace pupils from all cultural backgrounds and faiths, celebrating individuality and uniqueness in all areas of school life. For example, we may explore festivals and celebrations such as Chinese New Year and achievements in competitions such as the Olympic Games and the Paralympics.