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World Book Day - Thursday 3rd March

Children are invited to dress up as their favourite book character. Please read on for more information on the plans for next Thursday.

Costumes can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish – e.g. your child can become Burgler Bill with jeans and a striped T-shirt; they could be a cat with a simple cardboard headband with pointed ears! If your child chooses to dress up, we would like them to bring the book containing their chosen character.

We understand, however, that some children prefer not to dress up, and there is no obligation to do so. Instead, here are some suggestions of what you could do to be part of this important day instead: 

  • Create a new book cover for a favourite book 
  • Write a short book review about your favourite book – can you persuade someone else to read your chosen book? 
  • Have a go at creating your own non-fiction booklet about your favourite topic (eg could you write some facts about looking after your pet?) 
  • Read a different book each day of the week 
  • Read a book to your teddy 
  • Read a book in an unusual place – take a photo and bring it in to show! 
  • Join your local library – you can borrow books from a huge range for free! 

Teachers are planning a range of activities for the children in school, and each child will receive a book token worth £1 which they can use to buy one of the specially published World Book Day books, or use it towards the cost of any other book. We hope that children will take the opportunity to visit their local bookshop and enjoy delving into the world of books and reading!