Year R

Week commencing 14th October 2019


Dear Parents,

                                       This week we began our Phase 2 phonics sessions. Each day we have been learning or consolidating a range of sounds and words. As discussed at the introduction meeting we follow the DfE Letters and Sounds program. We support this with actions, stories and rhymes from ‘Jolly Phonics’ to teach the letters, and are teaching both the alphabet name and phonetic sound of each letter. Included with this letter are links to a number of websites with additional resources we think may support your child in their phonics journey.

We will send home a card with the letters or words we have been learning that week. These are for you to keep at home. Below are some suggestions for how you could use the cards once you have cut them up:

  • Show a card for your child to say the sound/word.
  • Lay the cards out and ask your child to find a given sound/word.
  • Choose a letter and go for a hunt around the house/garden/park to see what your child can find that begins with the chosen sound.
  • Choose a letter and see how many times your child can find it in a book or on signs when you are out and about. This can also be done with one of the words.
  • Once you have enough letters begin to use them to make simple words together.

To help your child remember the shape of the letter you can also:

  • Write the letter in the air.
  • Use water and paintbrushes when outside.
  • Write with a finger on a parent’s back.
  • Trace letter in the sand.
  • Use chalk on the patio.

Have fun!                                                                                             Mrs Samuels & Mrs Parke

Online Resources for Phonics

Online Resources for Reading

Week commencing 16th September 2019
We would like to remind you that the children are staying all day from Monday 16th September and that the children should be collected at 3pm from their classrooms.
Please could all children bring in a pair of wellington boots to be kept at school.
What to bring each day:
  • water bottle (water only please)
  • book bag
  • pe kit (including spare underwear and socks)
  • waterproof coat
  • wellington boots
Please ensure all items and clothing are clearly labelled.