Year 1 Content

Art and design

By the end of the Year 1 most children should:

  • Record from first-hand observation, experience and imagination and explore ideas
  • Investigate the possibilities of a range of materials and processes
  • Try out tools and techniques and apply these to materials and processes, including drawing
  • Begin to understand how colour , pattern, texture, line and tone, shape, form and space are used for effect in art work
  • Explore how differences and similarities in the work of famous artists can be used in their own artistic representations
  • Be able to work on their own or take part collaboratively in group projects
  • Begin to review what they and others have done and say what they think and feel about it
  • Children should be taught about visual and tactile elements in art including colour and tone, pattern and texture, line, shape, form and space.

Colour and Tone

  • Know that by adding white a colour is made lighter
  • Know that colours can be made darker by adding black or other dark tones
  • Begin to understand the concept of Primary and Secondary colours
  • Mix different colours to create different tones
  • Know how different artists use colour, for example, how they achieve light and dark


  • Understand that patterns are made up of motifs


  • Be able to select a variety of tools to create texture and give a three dimensional effect
  • Be able to respond to and represent texture using paint and through collage
  • Be able to choose a variety of media to create appropriate texture


  • Be able to experiment with different lines; thick/thin, straight/ wavy and to discuss their effect
  • Be aware of how artists use line for effect

Space, shape and form

  • Be aware of shape in layout and the space between the lines
  • Know which shapes can be used for different purposes
  • Begin to understand that three dimensional work has an all round view