Class teachers continually assess children's learning and development needs. Tasks are differentiated to meet individual needs in the classroom setting.

Children with specific requirements may be registered on the Code of Practice ( CoP)  for Special Educational Needs (SEN)  and will be given an Individual Education Plan (IEP)  that is initiated in consultation with parents, the class teacher and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). An IEP is designed to enable a child to make progress towards specifc targets. All children's progress is monitored and tracked, and the IEPs are reviewed regularly to meet the requirements of the Code of Practice.

Advantage is taken of support offered by outside agencies, such as Speech Therapy, Language and Literacy Support Services, English as an Additional Language service, Educational Psychologist etc as appropriate to a child's needs and stage of development. 

Parents are closely involved at all stages if a child is registered on the Code of Practice.

Our Policy on SEND and other documents may be found below.

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