New Intake 2020

Registration Booklets

Thank you to those parents who have already returned the registration booklet that you should have received in the post last week. The deadline to return these is this Friday 22nd May so please do drop them up to school and place in the letter box for us to collect and process. If you have not received the form then please email and we will arrange for another to be sent. Thank you

Welcome to our September 2020 Reception intake!

Thank you all for accepting the offer of your child's place at Crawley Ridge Infant School and for taking the time to provide us with the details we requested in our recent letter.  We will use the emails you provided to keep in touch with you between now and when your child starts school in September.

The next step is to register your child at our school.  Your Registration Booklets were placed in the post on Monday 4th May, so hopefully you will receive them soon.  Please follow the instructions for completing and returning the Booklet that are provided in the letter enclosed with the booklet.  That letter is also uploaded at the foot of this page together with the following documents:

1. School uniform list and supplier details

2. Nearly new uniform – details from our PTA

3. Welcome letter from our PTA

4. Autumn 19/Winter 20 lunch menu:  This is a just an example of the menus that are offered to our children by our caterers, Twelve 15.  Twelve 15  also caters for children with special dietary needs.  Should your child require a special diet for medical or ethical reasons our Admin Team will contact you to discuss their requirements by the beginning of the autumn term.  

5. ‘Ready to learn’ tips

6. General information for prospective parents


Children under 5 can be registered to receive a portion of milk each day free of charge from our milk supplier, Coolmilk.  From their 5th birthday, children can continue to receive a portion of milk at a subsidised cost.  Should you wish your child to receive their portion of milk each day, you will need to register your details directly with Coolmilk through their website.  If you decide to register your child, please do so by the end of the second week in July to ensure that your child receives their milk from their first day at school.  By that time you should know your child's starting date and Class name. 

Keeping in touch

As our admin team are still mainly working from home, should you have any questions about the registration process or your child's transition into 'big school', please contact us by emailing 

We wish you well and look forward to a time when we are able to welcome you all into our school.


Wednesday 29th April Email to accept/decline 
  your offer and (if relevant) provide the information 
  requested in 'Welcome 2020 intake' 
  letter (SEE foot of page)
Thursday 30th April Formally accept/decline your offer with the 
  Local Authority
Beginning of May Our Reception Lead, Mrs Samuels, will contact 
  your child's nursery provision to assist with your 
  child's transition to infant school
Monday 4th May Registration Forms were placed in the post
Friday 22nd May Please complete and return your Registration Form by this date













Useful links

Get Ready for School Booklet, Surrey County Council

Letters sent home and other relevant information

  1. Covering letter - Sep 20 Registration Booklet
  2. 1 School uniform list and supplier details May 2020
  3. 2 Nearly New Uniform
  4. 3 Welcome letter from our PTA
  5. 4 Autumn 19 Winter 20 lunch menu
  6. 5 'Ready to Learn' leaflet
  7. 6 General information for prospective parents
  8. Welcome 2020 intake