Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 - Summer Term 2019

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July 2019

As you will all know by now this year’s Summer Fair is on Saturday 6th July.  As part of the fun, Year 2 will be performing the country dances they have been learning at school.  The dancing will be the opening event of the day.

The dancing at this event has involved a considerable amount of work for both the children and the staff and is a special occasion in our school calendar.  It is important that we know who is attending the fair so that the groups and routines can be formed accordingly.  I am sure you will want to encourage your child to show commitment to their year group (and their dance partner) and will do everything possible to ensure they are able to take part.

It would be lovely if all the children could wear traditional country folk dancing clothes. 

For the girls:

  • Brightly coloured or floral, pretty dresses with a full skirt, or
  • Full skirts and a pretty blouse (girls who do ballet classes could wear their character skirts with a blouse).

For the boys:

  • Denim jeans with a PLAIN t-shirt (preferably white with no design or logo visible)
  • Neckerchief


The children should wear or bring sensible footwear suitable for dancing, such as trainers or plimsolls. 


This year the country dancing will start at 12.30 pm.  Children should be brought to Emerald classroom at 12.15 pm promptly.

Year 2 Homework - Please note that this week's homework is to revise the spelling of all Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words, the spelling of number words and the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
You should find a note in your child's book bag detailing  these tasks.
Welcome back to school!
We hope you have enjoyed a wonderful break in the Easter sunshine, and that the children are well-rested, ready for the term ahead.
We are looking forward to a very busy summer term in Year 2, and we will be sending details and dates of some exciting events over the next few weeks.
Don't forget to bring PE kits into school this week as usual, water bottles (containing water only, please) in case of hot weather, and a coat in case of rain!
We look forward to seeing you at 8.40am tomorrow, Wednesday 24th April.
From the Year 2 Team.


The children thoroughly enjoyed our World Book Day celebrations when the staff acted out the story of "Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar" by Emily MacKenzie for the children. The children then followed Ralfy's advice and spent time browsing and enjoying books in our school library. Classroom activites included a wide variety of book and rabbit-themed activities. We hope that the story will have inspired pupils to develop their love of books. Don't forget to spend your special World Book Day book token worth £1. You can spend it on one of this year's special World Book Day publications or put it towards any other book of your choice. Happy shopping!
Of course, you can always borrow books for FREE from our school library or visit the Library in Camberey town centre!
Thank you for supporting your children and sending in completed projects this week. The children have been enjoying sharing each other's books, and they have been learning many interesting facts along the way. We have been inpressed by the quality and presentation of the projects. Once the children have spent time enjoying them in the classrom we will assess them and give children feedback on their work.
Don't forget that from Monday 18th March the Year 2 children can be collected from their new meeting places in the playground. The children know that if their adult is not at their agreed spot when they go outside, they MUST return immediately to the classroom. Thank you for supporting the children as they meet this milestone in developing their independence, in readiness for moving to their junior schools after the summer.


E-Safety - We hope you found the E-Safety meeting early this week useful and informative. It is a constant challenge to keep abreast of the lastest threats to our children when they are online and we are fortunate to have access to the knowledge and expertise of Sharon Girling to help ensure our children's safety and wellbeing.
Year 2 had a wonderful trip to Brooklands Museum this week. They asked and answered many great questions and we were very proud of their good behaviour. We highly recommend a family visit to Brooklands, perhaps at the weekend or during the Easter break, and our guides gave us discount cards to enable you to get £2 off the usual entry fee for adults and £1 off the usual entry fee for children. You should find a discount card in your child's book bag.
Maths - This week's Maths homework is a "cut and stick" task. It would be very helpful if the children could stick the completed task into their Maths homework book. (You may need to fold the paper to stick it in neatly).
Spelling - We have sent home personalised lists of the Common Exception Words, highlighting the words your child does not yet spell CONSISTENTLY correctly. The expectation at the end of Year 2 is that children will be able to spell many, if not most of the Year 1 and Year 2 words, and spell them correctly EVERY time they write them in their own work. (There is no NEW spelling homework this week).
Polite reminders - please ensure your child has their PE kit in school. Earrings should be removed for PE lessons (for safety reasons) as should watches. If you do allow your children to wear a watch, it should be analogue and not digital, to support their learning in Maths. Please note that children are responsible for their own watches when they remove them for PE lessons. We strongly advise not sending in expensive items such as fitness tracker devices (eg Fitbits).
From the Year 2 Team

G-Live again - another chance to experience a live orchestral performance - for the whole family!
The Southern Pro Musica Orchestra will be performing again at G Live in Guidlford on Saturday 3rd March at 3pm, and we would highly recommend a family visit. Click HERE for further information.

Year 2 Projects
You should have found, in your child's book bag, a letter about Year 2 Projects and a book in which to present their work.
There is no need to fill the whole book, but we do hope that the children will take care and be proud of the work they produce.
We will share these books with the class and across the year group.

Please make sure that water bottles contain WATER ONLY.
We believe that it is important for children to be well hydrated throughout the day, and drinking water regularly is the best way of doing this.
We encourage the children to be "sugar smart", so we ask you NOT to send in sweet drinks such as fruit squash.
Water spills are also much easier to clean up in the event of accidental spills!
Spelling and Maths homework will be issued by the end of each week (usually on a Thursday). Please return books to school by the following Wednesday.
Do take time to work with your child on these tasks. The value is in the discussions you will have, which will reinforce key concepts and understanding.
Occasionally we will post other tasks and ideas for leaning on this page, so please check regularly. (See below for Science!)


Year 2 Weekly Timetable - 

Spelling/ Maths Fluency



English (Writing)











PE (Gymnastics/ Dance)


Science/ Art

Science/ Art

Computing/ PE (Games)


What to bring each day:
Book bag, a transparent/ translucent water bottle (water only please!) and a coat  - we try to take the children outside in all weathers, unless there is a torrential downpour.
Please make sure ALL items are clearly named!
PE Reminders
Please check that trainers still fit and that all PE kit, sweatshirts and other belongings are clearly named.
Please make sure that you remove earrings on PE days as children will not be permitted to take part in PE lessons if they are wearing earrings (for safety reasons).
Long hair should be tied back at all times in school.
Please provide a pair of socks to keep in your child's PE bag to change into if your child wears tights to school. (It can also be useful to have a change of socks if footwear gets a bit soggy in rainy weather!)
Brown joggers (available from Brenda's) or other plain dark coloured joggers may be worn for outdoor PE lessons if the weather is cooler.

Saftey Notice!

Please DO NOT allow children to play on the playground ship before or after school.
The children know that it must only be used with the supervision of our school staff.
We would be grateful for your support in reinforcing this rule with your children.
Numeracy Map
You can download the FREE app "Numeracy Map" on your ipad or tablet. Children can work at their own pace and move through the levels as they progress. Increase your child's number fluency and support them in meeting the expectations in Maths at the end of Year 2!
Find out more by clicking on the following link:

Click on the Owl to go to the Oxford Owl website and enjoy some eBooks with your child at home.  It is free to register but an email address is required.

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